CONGRATULATIONS!!! The winners for our Bountiful Baby Realborn® Give-A-Way Drawing for Asher Awake Kit are:

@pattyabe via BB Forum
@Leslie76 via BBForum
and Roberta Cole via Facebook

You will receive a Personal Message via the Social Network which your winning entry was from!


Thanks Everyone for participating in our Bountiful Baby Realborn® Give-A-Way Drawing!
Media Manager
Bountiful Baby


Congratulations guys!

WOW! Thanks BB. Is this the correct way to accept winning?

Patty Abernathy


Congrats to the winners!!!

Wonderful. Congrats y’all.

Congratulation to the three winners, wish it was me !!!

Congratulations all you lucky people. :fireworks: Can’t wait to see the reborned versions.

Congratulations! Looking forward to WIP pics!

Woohoo lol That just made my day :blush: thank you!!!


Congratulations to the winners. What a sweet surprise, huh? Wish it was me, but glad it was you.

Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations winners!

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

Thank-you so much!! I am so excited and happy to win this kit!

@EmilyBB Was the forms sent yet I keep looking haven’t seen anything yet I’m nervous I may miss it or not get it that would be my luck :blush:

I still haven’t got any messages from BB about winning either… We have until tomorrow to get back to them or we will loose out.

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I know I keep checking to see if I have any messages nothing yet hopefully soon I kept waking up all night checking cuz I’m scared I may lose it lol

I haven’t received anything either.

@Leslie76 and @pattyabe I believe that the initial post by @EmilyBB is your notification of having won the drawing. Congratulations! The contest said that you would be notified through the place you won from and Emily did that in the initial post. I would send Emily a PM and be done with worrying. I won on a second chance drawing when the original winner did not respond through FB. On FB, she was sent a Private Message and didn’t respond until 3 days later and I had already been drawn to win Asher Asleep #3.

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