Will there be any girl Realborns?

I love the Realborns that have been put out so far but I am wondering if there will be any of little girls.

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We have several in the queue. We have Kimberly, Summer Rain, Rebeka, and several others. Not sure when we will be able to show them, though. They are all at various stages of development in the queue.

Bountiful Baby


yay i cant wait

Our Realborn Rebeka is the daughter of Averie, and Averie is the daughter of Nevin and Denise Pratt (co-owners of Bountiful Baby).

They scanned their grand-daughter. :smile:

Bountiful Baby


Oh how wonderful…I have an eight month old grandson with my dimples that I have been searching for a kit that looks like him. There are several with dimples, but none of his other features. What I wouldn’t have given to have him scanned as a little baby. Such a nice keepsake!