Will NEVER pre-order from MacPherson's again

I have been waiting since June 27, 2020 for a Gabriella. This is ridiculous. Going on seven months. Anyone ever waited that long for a kit?

Are they in stock? I know companies were having delays getting shipments. Maybe this is the case with your order. @MacPhersonCrafts

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Have you contacted them via helpdesk in that time and ask?

It’s probably just not in stock yet all because of the pandemic. I have items not reborn related that I’m waiting months for. A collectible was to be in stock in sept and I just got it. It’s not to do with MacPs most likely it’s the company can’t produce fast enough. Just send them an email and ask to check if they have an expected date :+1:

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It wasn’t uncommon to wait over a year to get a Tina Kewy kit after paying for the preorders. It was one of the reasons why she was able to scam so many out of their money.
I agree with the others. She may not be considered a priority on the list at the factory since she isn’t a new release. You could try contacting the sculptor to see when she put in the reorder.


Gabriella Shick? Or Swialkowski? I have Swialkowski but I have a feeling that’s not the one you want since I have it lol

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I’ve got 4 on pre-order at Irresistables. It’s been months, but I’m just hoping they don’t all come in at the same time. I also hope they’re high quality. That seems to be becoming a problem. I think maybe different factories are being used?

It is the Swialkowski that I’m waiting on. I have sent an inquiry, but it’s been two weeks with no reply. I just don’t want to do this again.

I am sure there is a reasonable explanation. Brenda is pretty good at answering when you have a problem or questions.

I would specifically open a ticket at the help desk. I did it today and had a response within 2 hours so Darla and Brenda are great at communicating back, in my experience anyways! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want I can sell you mine… let me look up what I paid for it. I bought her from someone here and I’ll probably never get around to her

Thanks. I already paid $45 (full price, which is a bargain) and all I need to do is pay the shipping when and if it ever comes. It was on sale back in June with Tristan limbs.

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I will try doing a ticket. Maybe my email didn’t get through. Thanks.

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I waited almost five months for newborn Charlotte Eagles to come back into stock on a re-order shipment, and it was that long due to the C19 situation slowing everything down. I’m sure that’s the reason for your order. Their site says temporarily out of stock with more on the way. They can’t make kits come any faster than they do. It’s not MacPherson’s fault.


I pre-ordered a kit and waited over a year. I gave up and asked for a refund.I didnt want them to have my money for a kit that i might never get.
All this covid stuff has everything screwed up, I guess.

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Thanks for all the info everyone. This is only my second time to pre-order anything. They responded and even offered a refund. However, the reason I ordered this kit was the bargain price, so I will wait for it.


Yay, I knew everything would be alright.

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