Will be posting some wip soon

Been a while but i will start working on a open eye Thomas awake and a biracial Shyann.Wish me luck my daughter will be turning 7 June 20th.Shes been waiting for this doll.She was researching on my phone .And told me Brooke Nicole made the doll she wanted.I cant compete with Brooke somebody give me strength…love yall Doll ladies


Well, your daughter picked a good kit- I love Shyann-she turns out beautiful, no matter what. One of the ladies on here did her as a vampire baby and she was still lovely. Just something about her. I have not started painting myself yet, but picked Shyann as my third and forth dolls. Hopefully I will practice on the first one and keep it and then the next one will be nice enough to give away for a gift. Best of luck!

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You would so great. I just did Thomas asleep for my daughter and I’m not totaly happy with him well I always think I can do better but she loves him. She takes him to school everyday in her book bag so nobody knows she has him. She sleeps with him and takes him everywhere we go. You daughter would love what ever you do. :+1::+1: