Wigs- Synthetic- Best place to shop?

I have a customer ordering two Juan kits, and she would like one as a boy, and one as a girl with synthetic wigs. She would like one short curly hair, and one long curly hair. I’m having trouble finding them. What do you recommend? Thanks!

I think you’re going to have trouble finding 18 inch wigs. I saw one doll that had been rooted around the edges with a wig on the top part because the wig wasn’t big enough. It looked really good.

Monique wigs! I think that’s what it’s called! @honojane

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Thanks. They don’t have what I’m looking for. :confused:

Thanks, I definitely don’t consider myself a rooting expert yet.

I don’t see any in the larger size. They have great stuff though. Any other ideas?

Try eBay?

Yes, Monique has all sorts of choice.

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Monique has great wigs but very limited selection for 18 inch. WWW.wigsway.com has some beautiful human hair children’s wigs but they’re kind of pricey. There’s one I’d like to get for my Arianna but I need more dolly dollars.


For the long hair I bought a masterpiece wig. I bought some off e bay and some here. http://comfybaby.toys/. They looked great on my Tibby.


The only wig I have ever done was too small so I had to root around the edges to make it look right. She turned out adorable but she was a Kitten kit so a lot bigger. I got the size called for but found out the hair ended about two inches above the ears. She got the wig on ebay and I got the matching extra wefts from monique, I think. Here is a photo of how she turned out.


I love her and that was good thinking.