Wigs in your stash?

Hi ladies! Does anyone happen to have a size 17/18 size wig in your stash? I am looking for a wig that would work on a Claudia from interview with a vampire. I’m not finding a lot of options, so I thought I would ask :grinning::heart:️:kiss:


Ahhhh! I can’t wait to see!

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Rowan:-) like this…


I have quite a few 17 /18 wigs I bought when a doll supply company went out of business. If you’re looking for long ones let me know and I’ll send you pics when I get home tonight. I’m also doing a set of Anne Rice vampire babies. I’ve got Lestat and Louis done but haven’t started my Claudia yet.


I would love to see what you have!!! And… I would love to see pics of Louis And lestat!

I’m afraid the 17/18 will be too big for Rowan, I used one of these on my Tibby. I checked and it says Rowan takes 14/15. Too bad, these are gorgeous and as usual, I bought more than I’ll ever use!!


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It’s ok, I want it bigger so I can take it in . @sewhot

These are all long, and either wavy or straight, I don’t have any curly ones. A couple are extra long, I bought them for “fantasy” dolls but that isn’t happening any time soon. They could probably be cut. I got them for half price, they were originally around $35.00 to $50.00. If you’re still interested, let me know and I’ll send you pictures tomorrow.

I am! Maybe wavy blonde?

I think I have a med or dark blonde wavy. There’s a light blonde but it’s straight. I’ll post some pics tomorrow : )


Thank you so much! :grinning::heart:

These are the wigs I have available and I am charging only what I paid. Shipping is extra but shouldn’t be that expensive.

Sara May Frosted Strawberry Blonde - $28.00

Peggy Sue Med. Blonde - $23.00

Peggy Sue Pale Blonde - $23.00

<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/9/0/90559985671751f0c8121ee1de924083f48be43b.JPG" widthRed666" height=“499”>

Peggy Sue XL Red Blonde, Dk. Brown and Blonde - $28.00