Wigs! for Toddlers


Anyone know where I could find wigs? I’m looking for 3 year old June kit. BB has her at a 19-20 size.


I’ve never seen a doll wig that size but I’m sure they exist. There are some 20" circumference on Amazon but I don’t know the quality. You might have to use a child’s wig. Look for toddler wigs.


Probably so. Rooting would be expensive on a head that size. And painted may not look right.

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I think a 3 year old size doll would look odd with painted hair, even if it was really well done.


I agree!

I’d look for child sized wigs. I’ve got one on my Aloenka. It’s a bit big on her, but not so much that it looks off.


Where do I find them? Amazon has poor quality.

I need 19-20 size

Well here is this one! Not my favorite but the cheapest child sized wig I’ve been able to find lol. Had no idea how expensive child sized wigs were.

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Holy macaroni!! Wigs have go up. Where I have been?!!

wigs.com has some good ones but they’re pricey.

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I buy masterpiece doll wigs they come in sizes up to 20 inches. I bought this exact one for my angelica kit. She has a 20 inch head and it fits her perfectly. I have bought wigs from this seller on ebay since 2015.

I haven’t made the angelica kit yet but i tried the wig on her blank kit. I will see if i can find the pics and post them shortly.

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Thank you so much. I look forward to pics.

That’s a pretty wig!!!

I’m sorry. I have been trying to upload the pics but I keep getting an error message saying it can’t upload it. I will try again later. It is a beautiful wig in person. I was very pleased with it, very soft. It looks like real hair. It’s also cheaper than other wigs but there are straight wigs out there both short and long. I just search on eBay for masterpiece doll wigs to find them.

Send them to my email. I’ll pm

I don’t want a wig but I would love to have that Gianna Doll, lol!! She is a perfect size 44" then I wouldn’t have to paint a Child Sized Doll. Thanks for sharing @angelknitsem :wink:


Sure, no problem. I would love one of those dolls too. As far as I know they’re discontinued. I also think they’re full vinyl with joints but not positive on that.

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My search continues, lol! :scream: