Wig for Kenzie?

Having a horrible time finding a wig for Kenzie, buyer wants something short and babish. Ordered a 16-17 wig thinking it would be okay but it is way way to little. Anyone know where to find the 17-18 wigs that would fit her properly and be a short baby style. I have looked here on bountiful baby, ebay, etsy, cant seem to find any that would fit her. I hate wigs, I hate when customers request them lol

Try the actual site for the doll wigs that bb sells. I can’t remember the name of it. I did look there once for tubby wig. I rooted my Kenzie w my d in law hair :joy:

Maybe look for a child’s wig?

I don’t know if they are any good, but Amazon has quite a few cheap child’s wigs.


Have you tried Monique Wigs?

There has been some really cute children wigs on Ebay.

I got my wig for my daughter’s Tibby from this same place. It’s not good quality for a doll to sell. It’s plastic-y and lots of hair comes out. :frowning: Cute for a kiddo play doll though.


I think she is cute! I have Amelia and I am going to root her, lol!

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That does make a cute play doll. And it successfully minimizes Tibby’s megamind noggin. :wink:

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Absolutely to both! Haha! Although don’t ask me WHY, but somehow her wig is Mia… so we have a completely bald Tibby! Lol oh well :woman_shrugging:t2: