Why Neutralize?

So there are various methods for neutralizing orange kits, but they question is- why are they even orange in the first place? Neutralizing kits is frustrating and time consuming. Why do high-end sculptors choice to print on orange kits?


I totally agree Marissa!! I have bought several expensive well known kits and some of them are AWFUL. From the Hard Headed vinyl to the Awful Orange color and everything in between. I have been very disappointed in the past with them. I am really lousy at trying to newtralize the orange vinyl. And that Brownish Orange is really a nightmare!! BB has the BEST vinyl as far as I am concerned.


Yes! I have two Stoete kits that are adorable, and are giving me the worst time! Is there a quick way to neutralize? I am 3 coats in and little change so far. :frowning:


The worst for me was a Lenora Mae from Sands. She was just his clay, caramel like color. Paints would not stay even after a matte layer. It took forever to get her a “human” color.

Neutralizing is my LEAST favorite.

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Right? but yet on facebook I seen someone complaining about it not being pink like the older “better” type. Some of the comments on their wall are not nice. People confuse me. lol


I think we will never be all happy :slight_smile: I also love the idea of the very pale BB vinyl but I do not like the way it does not take colour. I am in this moment working on couple of BB kits, and as I finished some others I pulled out my Lindea. Next the BB kit, with already several warming layers, she looked orange. But then I put Lindea next to the palest area on my forearm and realized that she is very close to colour of my skin. And 2 washes with flesh #08 and she is perfect, while the BB kit after number of warm washes (I lost count how many) is still looking rather dead.

I wonder if the vinyl is white and all the colour is added purely for esthetic reasons, or if some of the additives needed to give the vinyl particular property are colored, or if the coloring affects the properties of the vinyl?.

When I started I got several practice kits; they were very pale pretty pink, almost white, but they took colours beautifully. Sometimes too beautifully :wink: