Why I would LOVE to win a Bountiful Baby Realborn, I LOVE BB Kits!

I would love to win one of these beautiful baby Kits. I would be honored to have one of these babies in my collection, not to mention I would love to reborn either :slight_smile: or ALL of them.

sorry new to this. I am dying to win as I love Bountiful Baby kits!!!

I would love, love, love to win one of these sweet reborn kits. They are so amazingly real looking. I’ve been checking everyday to see if they are selling in the supply section yet. Waiting with anticipation.

No, I created this post last night…logged in on and created the new post…

WOW—why would I Love to win a Bountiful Realborn Baby…’ Let me count the ways’…I fell in Love with the Realborn Babies and the technique the minute I first received your first introduction to them. There is nothing more precious than a baby and yours I have found to be the best replicas. This technique I would expect to make them even better. I am going on 70 years old and I am on a limited fixed income, so winning the Realborn Babies would provide me the opportunity to have one or all three babies. Presley Awake looks so much like my son when he was a baby 48 years ago- I would like to make that one for myself. Presley Asleep I plan to Reborn and donate to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County for their Silent Auction to help them raise money. Asher Asleep I would feature on my Reborn Doll website, where I sell my reborn babies at a affordable price, so that those of limited income can also know the love of a Realborn Baby. If I only win one it would be donated to the Silent Auction. I would Love to have the First three kits of the First edition of the First Realborns ever produced.

Dear Bountifil Baby.
I have all reasons to love to win oone or all the kits, here is some of them ! You have all the best kits, I have bought many of them and always want to buy more ( I think you know ) you’re service is the best, you have all the supplies to Reborn Babyes. you’re surpricing fast to ship, and all the good advice is amacing,and you have done it easy for me and many others to made Reborn Baby Dolls, it was just a few couple of reasons
I simply love you owners of Bountiful Baby People.
Ingelise Ekfeldt. jaime@stofanet,dk

Oh no, I apologize if it came off as being smart, I am new to BB forum. I had just signed up last night and made the post.
I thought I read it right and followed the instructions :slight_smile:

They look so real I would love to have any one of these kits :slight_smile:

I am very new to reborning babies! I would love,love,love to win any of these babies because my grand daughters would love a new baby! Plus the experience would help greatly!

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