Why does everyone like this kit?

One thing that is super hard for me, are kits with closed hands. This is the fourth Moby kit I am painting, and I dread it every time. I would think that I would get BETTER at it, but the closed hands…Just can’t get it right. I have no idea what it is about the Moby kit that makes my customers go “OMG I want THIS one!” And the funniest part is, they always go back to the FIRST one I ever made (which was baby number 3 when I first got started painting).

You must of done a great job on that kit. Maybe you could show them other kits and try to conceal the Moby one. If not, grab a different limb set with open hands.

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Ooo that’s a good idea about the limb set! Thank you.
I didn’t think I did a good job on it, the eyebrows were a bit high, and I tried using mod podge at the time to make it look like her eyes had tears (again I was super new at reborning) and also I always tend to mess up her lips. But I still to this day get pictures of that baby from the customer saying how much they still love her. It’s nice but, I think I’ll try your suggestion! <3 Thank you.
They even all had chosen the same eye and hair color for the kit too, so it got boring real fast.
This time around they want hazel eyes and light brown hair. For a change.


Once I thought I wanted the Moby kit. Then, when it went on sale, I went back and looked at the pictures again, and I did not want her. Just didn’t seem the same somehow. Guess I overlooked too much the first time around.