Why do you think

oftentimes SOLE kits will sell for more than SOLE already reborned babies? Even if they’re the same sculpt? I’m not talking about the ones reborned by famous artists. I’m talking about babies that are reborned by decent, good, run of the mill reborn artists that can’t seem to fetch the hundreds and hundreds that the blank kits are selling for.

And also why are people expected to resell LE reborns (or reborns in general) for lower than what they paid, but it’s acceptable to list LE kits for hundreds more? I’m beginning to think that reborn artists are more the consumers than the collectors are these days in the reborn world.

Just putting it out there. I thought it’d be a good discussion. :slight_smile:


It’s the cost of being a Reborn Artist Addict! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think sometimes they sell out before some people have a chance (or the money) to get one. I imagine the reason they pay more for a SOLE kit than a completed one is because they want to reborn it themselves.

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Or try n double their money on a blank kit because they are sold out LE. I seen serenity sold as a blank kit for 250.00 before she was even sent out.

That too.

Nope. I totally agree with you.

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I agree with all of you. It just doesn’t make sense to me as why kits seem to go up in value with time, while reborns seem to decrease in value with time.


with any sculpt or completed baby doll, its only worth what the “buyer” is willing to pay, regardless of who created it. When the LE sculpts have a preorder, its by choice to pay the amount asking or continue buying the reasonable priced sculpts, so as “buyers” we actually set our price tag.

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