WHY did I buy these big kits?

I saw Grumpy Sage 4 mos and loved that poked out lip so I got her. Then I saw Sleepy Sage 4 mos and loved her so I got her. Now I am looking at these kits and wondering why I got them? I love their faces but I do not like painting bigger kits. Not sure if I wanna keep them or sell them…Sigh


I was thinking the same thing, looking at the 6 month Sunny’s and seeing the different arms on the kits my first thought was to make twins… Until I remembered how big they are.


Ok ladies, they are so fun to paint, and even more fun to dress. I am working on Sage Four months now (it is taking forever only because of homeschool and a couple projects I agreed to do). These babies have such expressive faces. People love a baby they can shop for and dress up. Newborn stuff is cut but when you do the bigger babies you have hats and shoes and hair put in pig tails…

Go for it, just have fun.


How are the flanges?

Did you get the Emmy toddler body?

What size clothes and shoes does 4 month Sage wear?

I agree ,love doing the larger babies. Gina is right dressing them is fun. I have a stash of larger ones and enjoy making them. Try it you’ll like it. :footprints: :baby:

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What don’t you like about painting the bigger babies? I prefer them, well I don’t like trying to fit their parts in the oven, but painting is so much easier for me, especially big nails :slight_smile: They always seem to sell way faster for me than newborns also. But I know some people have the opposite sales experience. If you decide to sell them here, I’ll be on the lookout. I love both of those Sage sculpts and didn’t get them.

The flanges seem fine on mine. I got the recommended bodies for them.

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I am not sure, I just find I like the smaller babies better. The ones that curl up when you hold them. I do love a fat baby so I am sure I would like these once they are done. I just am for some reason not excited about painting them. I think partly because I have gotten into painting silicone more.

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I love the bigger babies but omg I hate rooting those big heads!! :joy: