Why are these going for this much?

I must be missing something because this looks like what the doll looks like when it comes out of the box, but added nail tips.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/SWEET-Santa-Bab … 7675.l2557
added more:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/SWEET-Baby-ADOR … 51a3a1b718
Shop by Category | eBay … &_from=R40

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You’re exactly right! My daughters have two of those dolls and they look exactly like the baby in the listing. We got them for $21 a piece at Kmart! I don’t get it either.

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I know! I am like what the heck right now?!?! I bust my hump on the reborns (which of course i enjoy to make too) and these dolls go for this much?!? what the?!?! i dont get it and it makes me crazy! and there are others on there that arent going for that, just the ones that have great photography. man i need to get a better camera!

http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.d … 433&page=9I found her negative feedback

I wrote about this several month ago on this forum. And she keeps doing it. Apart from adding different clothes and (badly done) nail tips, these are just out of the box berenguers and no real reborning has been done on any of her “reborns”.

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I found her negative feedback

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Oh good at least I am not the only one who sees this, I dont know how it is even passing off in the auction, I mean, you can see it before it goes out that it is just a plain doll

I know this is bad, people think they are real reborns but are just wasting their money on them thinking they are getting a good deal. what im very upset with is i keep seeing people selling the pre rooted monkeys on ebay. they even use BB photos, now each one of these monkeys really dont look exactly the same, i have had 3 now and they all look slightly different, I sold 1 on ebay (just needed it out the way as we are moving) but i took real photos of it and did the same as the other listing and I was asked by 2 people if it was the same monkey as it looks different to the other listings which went for heaps more then mine did. i think if your selling it a completed like that then you should use the real photo of the monkey you have in front of you. not take the photos from BB and put your own writing on them.

Okay thats my whinge of the day!! LOL

I know I’ve always wondered about these dolls. They get more for them than real reborns. Is it because they are so used to dolls rather than reborns? Plus sounds like they are getting them as gifts for kids. Will they stand up to the constant wear and tear even if genesis is supposed to be permanent?