Whose fault is it?

Can’t decide this morning if I’m the village idiot or special as my family says or if it is all the Easter Bunny’s fault. I decided this morning thanks to the encouragement of you guys to get out of bed and get a few things done before my dr’s appt. So I started with dyeing my hair…I mean what sane woman wants to go to the dr’s with three inches of grey roots…plus hubby is eleven years younger than me so I need to try a little bit. Not that he cares but with the outage, I want to look decent in case someone sees me. I put the dye on…by myself, of course. Then decide to clean the bathroom some while I’m waiting…and waiting. Go to clean the toilet first which I always start with so the clorox wipes for the rest of the room can disinfect my hands. Not wearing my glasses because of the dye on my head. I can see fantastic for about eight inches then things start to get fuzzy. Can’t seem to get this one spot off of the lid so I bent down to see it…only to find out that it is an extra screw hole…which I then remember again since we’ve only had that lid for years. Start to straighten back up only to find out I had rested my head on the bathroom wall…yep, the head that is covered in hair dye. So go to clean white wall which is fortunately washable with clorox wipes. Only to discover on closer inspection some dust and a little spider web in the corner, then more dust. Decide that the only solution is going to be to swiffer the walls one day soon. Finish cleaning toilet and start on sink with everything going smoothly again. Didn’t even drop hubby’s electric toothbrush in the sink this time.

Since things are going so well and I’m starting to hurt, I decide to quit for now and remove some of the paint from poor Codie. So I get out the new bottle of alcohol (my kids flipped when I first told them I needed to buy some bottles of alcohol…teenagers with their gutter minds!). Of course it has a safety seal…which won’t pull up, won’t puncture with a comb so I used my teeth of course. PS Don’t gargle with the stuff, it tastes awful! Start removing the paint off Codie. I only want to take off the top layers hence the alcohol. Kit lost the paint somewhere along the way. A little came off, the kit is back to neutral with no sign of where the paint went. It didn’t sink into the vinyl, it isn’t on the rack or the pillow she was on, it was just gone.

So I think it is all the Easter Bunny’s fault. All that dyeing he did lead to me dyeing my hair which led to dye on the wall. Plus he stole Codie’s color to dye his eggs. Bad Bunny!!! I am not the village idiot who is a klutz. Even if I did manage to break two fingernails putting on a shirt this morning. By the way, I did shower and rinse out all the dye, only a few minutes late. My now bald head is going to look great when I’m done painting it with those nail art brushes. But talk about taking forever to paint a big head. Not to mention getting the back painted right. Not sure I’ll fit in the oven though…maybe a practice run before I go to town???

Blame it on the #!%#@! Easter Bunny! Good to see you’ve still got a sense of humor!

Just got patted on the head by my 14 year old and told I am the village idiot, she loves me but I really am very special. Very, very special. Somehow I don’t think it is special like Grandma’s vase or my new doll…

Hey, while I’ve got you, where’s a good place to get those teeny nail art brushes?

I love teenagers! They are special!

I actually think it might be “Bush’s fault”!

     You crack me up!

AND - - - - - ya can’t make this stuff up!!!

— Begin quote from “LittleMama”

Hey, while I’ve got you, where’s a good place to get those teeny nail art brushes?

— End quote

Sally Beauty Supply if you have one near by. Or Amazon.com

I got mine off ebay. Six brushes for $3.99 with free shipping.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-pcs-Nail-Art- … 3f2afee010