Who's This Baby? Pat Moulton sculpt

Anybody know his sculpt name? I’ve only found him twice in my online search and one place said his sculpt is “Sammie” and the other “Gavin.” I’m not sure either are correct! I’d like to know for sure before I list him. Does the signature (it’s imbedded in the sculpt) add any value? This is my only P.M. kit, so I don’t know if this is how all of hers are. He has 416 written on his neck as well, as if it might be his make number.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for any help/ideas/suggestions! :slight_smile:


AEL (next to the year) is the name of the kit.

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Oh, okay! :hugs:Thank you!! So the kit doesn’t have a “name” name?

Like Susie or John? No.

Gotcha! Thank you again. I really appreciate it!

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The head to this baby was originally on a doll sold by Paradise Gallaries. I reborn a couple when I first started but I cannot remember the name. The limbs look to be BB Ember limbs. At least the arms.

Piglet -SOLD ON EBAY 2006 by Angie Jones

I think the arms look like Ember’s, too.

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@jjb1228 I went back and looked at your post again and for some reason did not read it all well the first time to notice you had a possible name. Sammie is it! That is the name of the doll that was sold by Paradise Galleries. When I re-read that it triggered my old memory!

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Well, duh, was I wrong. lol I didn’t even see the names on the original post. Just went looking for the kit.

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Yes, the limbs are not original to the PM head. Not sure who they belong to, as I keep a bunch of limbs around to match up with heads that come without limbs, or where I don’t like the kit limbs. This head I got at an estate sell (crazy, right?! They were major collectors!)…

I’m not sure he has Ember’s limbs, but they are very similar, though! His middle finger on one hand sort of overlaps another, causing it to stick up a little bit from the rest of his fingers. I’m pretty sure they are BB limbs at least! I’ll check if I can, in case anyone is interested.

The original PG doll was wigged so that is where the staining comes from is old wig glue.

That makes sense. In the places I’ve found the finished doll, he is wearing a wig -not rooted hair. Then when I find them “reborned” they have been rooted or painted over top of where a wig was.

Sammie head with ember limbs

So. Yeah. I’m an idiot! I was looking at the completely wrong doll trying to compare limbs. face palm YES!! His arms ARE Ember’s. double face palm