Wholesale site questions

I get into the site but don’t know how to navigate and get to the sales. Do I have to click on a specific item like vinyl kits or supplies to see the sales that are on the retail site? I know I am not tech driven so any help would be appreciated. :footprints: :baby:

The sales are not the same on both sites.

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But there are sales right? She might just like to seewhat they are.

I found sale items I wanted on the front page of the retail site then searched them by name on the wholesale site. In my case, the sales prices on the items were the same on both sites. I also bought a Realborn that wasn’t on sale, but I didn’t want to miss it in case it was suddenly discontinued. It was showing at full price, but during checkout it dropped to 50% off.

I know having to search for the items individually is a bit of a pain, but that was my workaround. Maybe somebody else will come along with a better way.

I just logged in and yes I see the sales when I clicked the categories (realborn kits in my case) but nothing on the “home” screen

Thank you Trinity, I wondered how to get to the kits. I guess you just choose vinyl or realborn, or artist then look through, or type in a specific item? Well okay just hate not understand how to navigate sites.

In my case I was ordering cloth bodies and clothing. (Plus the one Realborn I’d previously mentioned). Seems Jenni knows the way. I was having issues figuring it out myself. :crazy_face:

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