Who should I order

I need one single pacifier from
macphersons, so for free shipping please tell me which kit that is in stock that I should order! Who do you want to order? Who is new and will sell well?
Thank you
Katie :slight_smile:


I just finished painting Sierra Said and she is oh so cute.

Also if you haven’t painted Sam Legler yet then I recommend him.


Oh wow! She came out so beautifully!! Thank you for your suggestion!


Thanks she’s at the top of my favourites list


Haha I’m glad others do the same as me. I need some cable ties so I was just looking through the kits as well. Maybe Kai Legler? Or Ava by Cassie Brace. Her little face is so sweet. Other than them Cayle Auer or Junis Altenkirch are really cute as well.


I was thinking of Kai as well!!!

Couple on my wishlist I would order

Janus (just like how he is so different)

Kenzie by sandy Faber and reminds me of Alanna

Tobiah by LLE (just because another kit I like)

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Thank you for your suggestions! I will go check them out! :slight_smile:

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