Who says redheads can’t wear pink?!

I think I finally decide to keep Priscilla as a girl :slight_smile:
Still need to tidy up her hair, but I’ve got her clothes “shopping” done. I kinda like her in pink!


OMG she is cute, very pretty in pink!

I love that wild, red, hair…shes very cute!

She looks great in pink!

Oh she is so beautiful!!!

Oh yes - that pink just completes that beautiful baby!

Yep pink is definitely her color! I love the curl in her hair too

She is PERFECT!!! Is she a keeper? :heart_eyes:

After seeing yours, Priscilla might be my favorite realborn!!!

Where did you find that adorable gorgeous outfit???

No, I’ll probably be listing her soon

Ordered online, I think baby prem?

Yep! Www.babyprem.com

Very sweet :blush: and Pretty in Pink :ribbon:

Redheads look amazing in pink. I don’t know who started that silly idea that they can’t. They generally have perfect skin tones for pink clothing when they are little and as the hair gets more auburn later in life, they move beautiful into the fall palette of earth colors. Even then, they still look amazing in pink. I love “gingers”. My daughter Charlotte is a redhead, so I’m very partial.

My redheads in pink.

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