Who now is left waiting for their swap baby?

we should only have left waiting. I will send pm’s tonight to try and track down your baby!!

yours is coming jodi and well worth the wait

!!!breaking news alert!!!

                                   illinoise news

early today a crazed women attacked a mailman on his way to deliver a package… the mailman was said to be carrying a special reborn doll… the attacker is 5’3 around #$% lbs w/ waist length brown hair. if you see her do not attempt to capture her, repeat do not attempt to capture her!!! she is considered crazed and dangerious!!!

now to the weather!!!

jodi, i want your baby!!! ,lol

you baby was sent on monday but not priority, hope you get her tomorrow!!!

hey sent a pm to her to see how she shipped and if she has a tracking ##. she said it was shipped on Monday!