Who needs a laugh?

I just finished my moms monkey and she loved the stuck up hair but wanted thicker hair.

So cute your good at the monkeys! this is ur second one right ?

Deb, that look is so comical! thanks for the smiles!

Yes, Crystal it is my second one. Thank you! I was so nervous to do the first one I almost backed out and bought a pre painted and rooted one for my grand baby.

so cute! you do a great job painting these and i love the thick curls hair

Thank you for all your positive comments I so want to do an oragantang now and a gorrilla.

That poor monkey is Really having a bad hair day!!

i know bad hair day right? I think life without some humor is so sad!

awww so cute. Didn’t make me laugh but I did have a BIG smile! Hugs

Hey! That’s exactly how my hair looks when I get out of bed in the morning. Your chimp is ADORABLE!!!

thank you ladies. he/she has made everyone who sees in person laugh