Who likes the new Fairy kits?

I am really warming up to the Fairy kits. Ofelia just captured my heart, but was so expensive. I’m looking forward to the new Jasper and Clover kits to see all of the creative ways people reborn them. I might even try one myself. Although, I did see a Mini Ofelia on someone’s sight. I don’t think she is available yet, but how fun to have a tiny Ofelia?


I really like Jasper and Clover. I liked the third rendition of the prototypes best.

I really liked the first 2 prototypes. They look like they would be a challenge and fun to create your own. I am looking forward to purchasing both of these little darlings. I did look up winterwhimsies (Merita Winters) for her little Zodi (fairy) and her vinyl is not supposed to be heated, only dry paint. I wonder how good the vinyl really is if you cannot use heat set paints? Love Jasper and Clover!

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i love zodi i cant wait to be able to get one
i heard you can heat the vinyls but she doesnt recommend it

I did not know this about that kit. I was hoping to do one soon but I use GHSP. Has anyone here done that kit with the heat set paints?

CRAP !!! I have Zodi and Promise and I didn’t know you weren’t suppose to use heat set paint on them, how did I miss that? Did she make that really clear? Or did the sites that were selling them make that clear? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Why is it that she doesn’t recommend heating them? Are they going to melt before the paint cures? Help me here please.

You can use GHSP on them,Lots of people do. But she doesn’t recommend it, It isn’t recommended for any vinyl kit. But it won’t ruin them.


I think the reason they say that the kits should not be heated is twofold;
1- comes from the times when people were warned about the health dangers
2- she sells air dry paints

Basically, they protect themselves against any problems, be it health problems of the reborner or vinyl going shiny or melting. And then push people towards trying their air dry paints.


Ok, well that makes sense to me. Thanks

I like the new fairy kits, But I think they look more like elves than fairies

Have y’all seen MINI Ofelia?

@heartstringsnursery Yes! I love her! But my mom said no :scream:

Mini Ofelia just might go on my wish list.

No I have not! Off to go see…

You are right that the sculptors recommend not heating the vinyl to protect themselves. Marita doesn’t sell air dry paints. Marita is just learning to reborn and recently did her own Promise with GHSP (she did an awesome job). I have reborned 4 of her kits and used Genesis on all of them. The vinyl is the same as all of the kits that are produced in China. Bake away ladies!

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If anyone is interested in ordering Ophelia (the tiny one) when she is released, SmallWorldWonders will carry the kit and you can get a 5% discount on your first order by using this code link: http://refs.cc/oFofejqb

You will be sent an email to receive a coupon good on your first order. This site will also have all of Cassie Brace’s kit and several other artists. Her price on everything I have pre-ordered from Kaitlyn has been less than what others are selling the kits for.