Who is this

http://s1288.photobucket.com/user/babyd … sort=3&o=0
This is a berenguer doll that I got but I don’t know what kind it is, it is marked on the back of the neck… Berenguer 7… Any ideas??? About 13" long

I know nothing about these dolls and I was getting nowhere in my search. I took it apart and starting reborning it.

So am I correct in saying that the baby I have is part of a series called ‘lots of love’.

Ok, I wasn’t sure. When I was trying to look for info there were not a lot of babies that have that face and if they did they had teeth. Thank you

Yep Jennie is right- thats Lots to Love Berenguer you can find at Toys r us, Walmart, Kmart, etc.