Who is this little guy?


BB Sam

It’s Sera. Sam has an open mouth


Was a gift to this womans son which he’s now outgrown. She was selling him but didn’t have his info, just the artists name, jo curry. Some lady asked for a 100 dollar reborn and amongst all the frightful knockoffs was this little gem.

A few days ago there was a lady showing this baby and she had already put a down payment on it…

Then she saw another she was interested in and was asking advice on continuing the first purchase or getting the second and losing her deposit money… any how in the end she went with the first.
The second seller was iffy and wouldn’t send safety pics, then stopped replying… then said “sorry sold” (this was a SOLE baby and really cheap so I told her to make sure the seller actually had it)

So to see you say you saw it as a baby for $100 makes me very confused and skeptical…


Could be why she was trying to sell him for 100

Maybe or someone stole the picture… ?

She had a bunch of pics, some with the little boy, and a video of him receiving it. When I asked if he had any paperwork, she said there was something about hair in the box, and hold on while she went to see. She came back with a pic of care instructions and bc from the reborn artist…the lighting was different than the doll pics that she’d shown from before. Seemed pretty believable, shrugs. She’s in the UK. I looked up the artist who is also in the UK.

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