Who is this cutie? Kit ID

Can anyone tell me who this kit is?


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Thank you!!!

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Anyone that has done a Lisa, feel free to share. I would love to see other versions!

My Lisa is still a work in progress. She’s very sweet. I just have problems with her legs looking way too short when she’s sitting up. She may need a different body.

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Cute! She resembles my youngest with her dimple, but she’s a little big for me. I wonder if she would look good on a bigger newborn set of limbs? I read her head is 15.5 inches which is probably small enough. My kids had nearly 15 inch heads at birth :upside_down_face:

Her head is pretty massive. Here she is next to the Levi kit, who is a bigger newborn at 21 inches.

Oh! Yeah! That does look too big! Thanks for the refererence.

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There’s also a Little Lisa by the same sculptor. It says she is 17 inches


Good to know! Thank you!

Here is my Lisa, I used Crystal limbs with her


She’s adorable! Very well done. If only she made a sleeping Lisa I would be totally sold! Maybe I will do her as my first open eyed kit…someday.

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Thank you Aly!

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