Who is this BB baby?

Can anyone help?.I made this baby last year but cant find her on the BB site and cant remember her name .Is she still available and who knows her name?


That is Jaden she was discontinued

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Oh thank you yes Jaden!! It was not comingc to me and looked and looked

Cute n I love the curly hair.

She is so cute! I never got her. What a shame!

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Jaden is one that I fell in love with as I painted. There are so many discontinued kits I wish I had painted. Your Jaden is sweet with those curls, here is my version.


Oh yourrs is really cute too more babyish than than mine i notice mine had an eyelash stuck in her lid lol
Poor girl
Anyway Hope i fixed it before i sold her!!


Jaden is an adorable sculpt. Although discontinued, Iā€™m sure one of us kit hoarders probably have one if you need it. :smile:

Thank you
.I think shes going with Meg so ill just stay with her Shes cute too.