Who is excited about the mystery kits?

Anyone planning to order a mystery kit??? I would love to be surprised. I wish I had some funds to order, but alas, my money is scarce right now.

So tempted, what a price! Great idea.

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So tempted, what a price! Great idea.

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I thought so, too.


In case anyone is curious, the baby in the box is Lincoln:



Lincoln is the son of Jared and Joannie Strong, both of whom work at Bountiful Baby. We also did a “Realborn” scan of Lincoln, and hope to have him released as a vinyl doll kit in a few months.

Also, with the Mystery Kits, we have put several different kits in the Mystery Kit bin, and have told the warehouse folks that when an order is placed for more than one Mystery Kit in the order, they need to try and mix it up, and give out different kits.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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awww Nevin, no more surprise! lol!

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The surprise is still there - Lincoln is the live baby! We still don’t know which kit is in the box

so tempted…