Who is everyone working on?

Well, I got another BB order today. I had Shyann, Meg, Sera, and Sam in this one. Sera and Meg look almost identical.
I am tackling a Cuddles(give me strength) and a Cheyenne by Angela Harris. I have an AA baby that I am rooting, but have pulled her hair out to restart. Then, I am moving to a Shyann. I have reborned Shyann before, but it was a ‘makeover’ of one that had been badly done. I’m anxious to see what she’ll look like this time.
I’m looking forward to the new kits coming in. I want to see more pics of them, even if they are only of the blank kits.

I have Cuddles to root. Tory to root, but she is waiting for a rooting class. I am working on Kitten right now. In another forum we are doing a character contest and I work on that one here and there. I have Shyann on order. Wish I could get some sales to buy more kits.

i am rooting puddin and i just got my shyann in the mail today!

Two toddlers at the same time!! I have to stagger mine between smaller babies or my carpal tunnel syndrome will do me in. Why is Kitten’s head bigger than the rest of them?
I have a custom Fiona by Dawn Donofrio due in June. She is just a tad smaller than the quads. And, I got in the twins from Regina Swialkowski. Now, they have some BIG heads. They will be about 28" tall when completed. BB’s are suppose to be about 30" tall. I wonder what their head circumference will be? Has anyone worked with armatures before. Sounds intimidating;)

After the mail comes today I will be doing two Teagans as twins. Then I have an Emily Rose kit that I am very very excited to get started on (thanks Ashley!!) and thanks to Hickie3 I was able to order Meg ~ I am really looking forward to the next few weeks !! I love this hobby so much and can’t imagine how I lived before I discovered it !!

Dumplin just arrived at her new Mommy’s home! Kylin was shipped out yesteday. I have Ava Raine to root, a custom rooting order to do and wee yawns and ryan to root. I will then be doing some naked babies lol. Haven’t advertised last month with the move and everything so I amgoing to take a week or so off from custom work lol. I want to do at least 6 naked babies to have some back ups To many kits in the walkin to say exactly which ones I will be doing. I know a few will be from BB though oops edited to add I am rooting Kate from BB also lol

I try to rotate mine around also. I like to have them at different stages of developement;) I’ve had a bump in the road with my Cuddles. I had to strip it because the coloring just wasn’t right. There goes 3 hours of painting yesterday out the window…
I’ve put two naked babies on and then had to complete and put them on Ebay. They both sold. I guess for me the naked baby thing is great if you don’t want to spend the money on the weighing materials, body, clothes, and finishing touches(pacifier, bows, diapers). However, I am a reborning supply “HO” and need to use what I already have here to get the money back I have spent. I have bins and storage drawers filled with supplies.
I don’t think I will ever put a naked quad or toddler up for sale. They are so much fun to dress and photoshoot.

I know what you mean about the quads. The first one I did was Cuddles and that one I did for myself. I’ve had fun Goodwill shopping for her. She’s my favorite. I finished painting Kitten, sewed her body and have her temporarily assembled. I have another Cuddles, who will be her twin, that I started painting today. I just keep thinking about all those big heads to root. I think that will be next when I finish this Cuddles. Can’t have them all sitting around bald.

well Stef and I are finishing up “secret” babies for the IRDA conference and had to stop and finish that sugar who well go up on e-bay after the fair in June -and the play is over-
Sold a few kittens so hubby let me get anotherLibby and a Kadece WOO-HOO!!!I am going to try and get kadece done really soon and maybe take her to opening nite

I’m debating on Kadence. It’s a preemie and they are tough to get clothes for in my area.