Who has seen this?


Totally amazing.

Pretty cool. I don’t care much for the sounds, but the breathing is interesting. Although the machine seems to be oddly placed in the video, I mainly see the head moving instead of the chest.

The sounds aren’t fantastic, particularly for a sleeping doll. The breathing mechanism is pretty cool, but would be better if the chest/ stomach were moving instead of just the head. Neat concept though.

I had an Ashton Drake Ashley doll years ago that had the breathing mechanism in it. Was kinda neat but it made the doll bulky and not cuddly at at all. I don’t care for the type of joints on the limbs on this body either. This may appeal to some but not me.

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I don’t like the joints, either. They shouldn’t have any limb caps. They sit at a weird angle.


DBS will have similar breathing soon.

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Are these the ones by still moments nursery? I always wanted one.

Still Moments has them for $150.

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These bodies look great!

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I bought a stuffed dog with breathing, heartbeat for $20 on Amazon. It’s means to help comfort dogs. You could take the mechanism out and rig it up in a doll body for much less money.

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That’s a good idea. Did it help your dog?