Who else is impatiently waiting on Clyde?!

So in love with this kit! My absolute favorite of the Realborn kits <3


I am, but am unsure if I’ll be able to buy him when he first arrives. Kit money is at an alltime low. I need to sell something and now I ruined Tibby who was almost ready. I have my “Honey” about ready to list but need to do the photo shoot.

I am!!! Love that kit!

Oh my gosh, if you haven’t seen Sylvia Creations version of Clyde please look it up. Wow. Hands down one of the most beautiful realistic dolls I’ve ever seen and I am head over heels for it

I may not be able to resist this one?


Oh my goodness! That prototype is just delish! How i wish I could paint that well. That is amazing work, wonderful photography, and oh those little red feet. How beautiful.

OH MY GOSH!!! He is to die for. This artist is just amazing, she really has it going on. It kinda makes me think why am I reborning, I’d never get to that level. I would love to have one of her creations, it would be under lock and key, DEE

im speechless!!! i wonder if she offers classes??? i would travel the world for her class lol

I’m pretty sure he will be my next kit purchase. I wonder how long it will be for him to be available. Also how big are the boxes they come in? I’d have to find a big enough box for it to fit into to ship.

The presentation box is inside another box that is lovely and can be reused for shipping the baby inside the nice box.

I’m anxious for Clyde but even more so for Kase awake!! He was supposed to be available mid February and I have a grieving mommy trying to wait patiently :disappointed:but her arms need to cuddle this perfect match for her angel baby soon!

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The drawing for the Kase Awake is on March 2nd so they will probably put the kits up for order on the 4th of March to allow them a couple of days head start shipping to the winners. Should be soon Alma.

Thanks Pia!

OH GOOD, thanks Pia. :smile:

I am sure that @EmilyBB will run a drawing before Clyde is released for ordering. Probably be a bit longer! It is shown as available “after April” in the B B list.

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I am patiently (haha) awaiting notification on Clyde he is darling.I have Asher awake that I will keep for my self and I am going to keep Clyde. Asher was my Xmas gift from my husband and Clyde is my B-Day present, so I’ll keep those two most definitely. I have Kase Asleep on my etsy site for sale and am working on Asher Asleep. These sculpts are amazing to create.