Who does she look like?

The mother wants a baby of this angel who is passed. Who odes she look like? Mother prefers a preemie size. I am hoping for more pics soon.

Thank you I added a couple more. Boy she looked like her daddy.

Does anyone see Tayla?

No not Tayla-this babies feachers are much softer -Let me think a bit but Right off hand I am seeing Holly !!! And in the bottem one older Eliza !!!

What a beautiful girl God bless her she is an angel now. Prayers for her family.

I don’t see that one that was mentioned. I am thinking maybe I really don’t know I am going to need to think Bout this one. Oo how about Crystal? She’s smaller and has sweet gentle facial features!

Who scuplted Crystal?

What a precious little angel. My heart is aching for those parents, and I hope they find some peace.
The second photo looked almost exactly like Cameron’s smile. You didn’t mention whether the parents are looking for an open eyed baby or closed eye, but for a closed eye baby, maybe Heather.

They have left it up to me to see which I can find but I rather do an open eyed baby. I think her eyes being closed permanently might be too much.

That’s exactly what I was thinking… I was browsing for BB babies and took a good look at open eyed babies. Look at Hannah (the name just happened to be the same) and the shape of her head seems right, her ears, her lips…what do you think? Or if the startled look is too much, what about Gabriel. Also seems to be about the shape head, ears, etc. Though not preemies, seeing them side by side on my screen they could work. I’m leaning more toward Gabriel.

TY I do not like the startled look esp for this situation. I will go check out Gabriel.

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Who scuplted Crystal?

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Hi I was thinking of that new Crystal by BB that is coming out soon… I will keep thinking though that was just a quick suggestion

What a beautiful little angel!!!

Debora, I have a kit that might work I will take pictures and see what you think!

Maybe this one for the second picture?

Based on the first picture you showed, I was thinking Sam. The mouth is just the same. But you said you were thinking of an open eyed baby. I’ll keep looking.

Oh yes I do see Sam as well

Debora - FYI – here is a picture of Gabriel done as a girl.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/GORGEOUS-NEWBOR … 2211937875

I am starting to lean towards Eden>?

I can kinda see Lilly too. SOrry sounds like I am naming a bunch of kits but between Lily and Eden I think I guess. I can look outside of bb kits too if you want

I think GinnyLee has it with Gabriel. The shapes are similiar and the face is relaxed and neutral. and the eyes are open. She would be a lovely reminder of their little Hannah.
Let us know what you decide on.