Who Buys Your Babies

Have any of you sold your babies to a man? I don’t mean a man buying for his wife or daughter, but for himself? I have a young man in Sweden who has 7 of mine and now wants another toddler.

Do you find that strange Or really strange? He is a very sweet young man and we have our chats. I even have to shop for diapers and clothing to send him - he now wants me to shop for Christmas outfits for the toddlers.


That sounds sweet to me too sad he is not comfortable enough to shop for himself.

He says he’s embarrassed to shop for clothes “because I have no children of my own”. I have tried to explain he doesn’t have to have children to shop for baby clothes, but he still leaves it up to me. I don’t mind as that is one of my favorite things to do anyway.

Yes, my Bella was bought by a man for himself. He said he just likes baby dolls and wanted a reborn since his others were non reborn dolls. He was very nice.

friend of mine has one of my babies, he didn’t buy it.i gave it to him . he named it robin jr…my friends name is robin…he’s 56 yr old ,no family…robin jr travels back and forth between florida and wisconsen with robin sr…robin jr helps him meet ppl…

My friend in Sweden is Robin as well - he is 22.

We are special friends now and he e-mails me often.


Awwwwww - that’s sweet. I told him to shop on line, but he prefers me to do the shopping for him. I don’t mind, but he could save all that shipping - it’s so costly.


Somehow there is a world-wide phobia of boys (or men) with babies or dolls. We accept it some in toddlers if the family is open enough but not after that. Yes, some people are pedophiles but some just want to enjoy the fun of pretending especially those without children or whose children are grown. I personally made sure my son had dolls. He even played with his younger sister when she played barbies even if it was mostly GI Joe coming home to visit. He is a fantastic dad now. As for a man collecting baby dolls and buying them clothes, it makes more sense than collecting baseball card packs that you can’t even open!

My nephew asked me to make him one & he loves it! His girlfriend and he will probably never have kids (he is 41 & she is 30’s) but he thought they were great & being a visual artist himself, when I tried to explain they aren’t toys, so he would know how to handle them - he said to me, well of course, they are art! He sure surprised me with that answer, but I think it is nice that men appreciate them too.

That’s awesome to have such a friendly, reborn loving, repeat customer!! I wish he would shop for clothes there and send them to us!!

I have 4 boys & 1 girl, and one of my boys who is almost 12 is ALWAYS the first to ask to hold the baby when I finish reborning it. My 6 year old really wants one for himself, so he can play with my daughter. She’s quite stingy with her reborns, so he really does need one…lol.

I had to make one for my 4 yr old nephew because his sister would not let him hold the one I made for her. He kept asking me over and over to make him one, so finally I did. It was so fun to watch his reaction when I gave it to him, you would have thought he had just became a daddy. He was so excited. He’s all boy when it comes down to it. He goes mud boggin with his dad and loves monster truck competition, even rides a motocross bike. But, he becomes a very caring daddy when he takes care of his reborn. It is so fun to watch.