Who are Jake and Willow flower?

Due to be released in June or July?

The only Willow Flower I know of is Katie Perry’s (forum member) daughter.

Maybe the Willow Flower to be released in June or July is a Realborn of Katie’s daughter then…Not to be starting rumors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I always get anxious when they post prototype pictures months before the kits are available, but this may be worse. :smiley: I want to know what they look like now that the names are in the “restock” listing.

I wish they’d do one of Katie’s daughter.

the names are listed in “Out of Stock Kits”

oops I referred to it as restock not out of stock.

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My daughter Willow Flower, she is a portrait sculpt by Donna Rubert of my daughter



She is beautiful!!!

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Donna I hope you don’t mind if I share these pictures of your wip sculpt, I’m just so excited!

I have more pictures too of the wip matched with my daughter but I need to contact Donna to make sure it is ok if I share these pictures, I cannot believe my daughter is going to be a model, it is beyond my wildest dreams!


YES! I wanted this a long time ago. How did it happen, Katie?


I’m soooooo excited to have this happening, Katie! Willow is a living doll and now, at long last, she’ll be a DOLL that we can all call our own! :heart:


congratulations @katieperry! What an honor this is!!!

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She is so adorable !! I would love to have that one for sure !

Congratulations that is so cool ur daughter is gonna be a kit!! My son an I are gonna go check out your candy store. We live like 10-15 min from New Bedford. They don’t have any candy stores like that in Taunton MA. I showed him your FB page he was all excited about going. We was gonna go on Tuesday but I’m a bonehead, so I promised him we would go tomorrow or sometime over the weekend. Maybe we will see you there :slight_smile:

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She is to cute!!! Are they gonna do her limbs like your daughters also? I love her little hands.