Which realborn

do you think would make a good Asian baby?
I want to use one of the RealBorn kits if i can decide on one

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Take a look at Miranda! I feel like she looks a little bit Asian

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I would think more of a rounder face like Macey, Miya or Zuri when she comes out?

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Lol, we need more realborns! lolol


Miranda Awake would make a lovely Asian baby. I received mine the other day and she is adorable! I plan on creating an Asian baby from her sculpt.

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@katieperry and @twolipsanddande, you make me happy happy happy! I want to paint both Mirandas. I keep looking at them wondering. :slight_smile: Looks like there could be Asian twins in my future. :relieved:


Maybe the new Zuri. I was checking out their noses also. Charles has a broad nose and face, maybe not the eyes so much.

We have a Realborn coming soon that I think you’ll love! This is Laila, her prototypes will be hitting eBay soon (our estimated release date for her right now is late November).



I loveeeeee!!! I cannot wait!

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Did you hear that? :blush: It was me squealing for joy!!! I can hardly wait for Laila!


@bountifulbaby She’s a beauty

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Oh my goodness! She’s precious! So excited we have an Asian baby Realborn coming! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, Zuri looks the most Asian to me!


Don’t forget Ana! I think she has the right features to make a cutie Asian baby :blush:

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