Which realborn is largest?

Mainly I am curious about realborn Landon’s head circumference?
But out of the realborns which one do you think is the largest?
I’m thinking it is Landon & that I might use the larger 11” body instead of the 9.
Any info / suggestions welcomed

I haven’t done Charles, but Landon is the biggest I have done.
@kareninflorida may know which is bigger.

I used Grant’s body for my Landon.

Here is Landon’s head circumference.


Landon is definitely the biggest one! I have done/seen most of the realborns and he is the biggest.

Charles is a perfect newborn size.


I had seen a picture of one ready for a doll show and he look bigger than I thought he was, that is why I mentioned it.

(It was Cassie Brace’s picture of about 5-6 reborns all in a crib together and he was larger than I thought)

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Jenni, what size did your Landon wear? I used the recommended body and mine wore 0/3 month.

Charles is a nice newborn size, but Landon’s chunkier.


In my opinion, Landon is the largest followed by Charles.
I’ve done most of the Realborns, aside from the limited ones


0-3 month. But I didn’t try any footed clothes…

His romper was shorts and then onsie and pants, so maybe a bigger size for a footed outfit.

The next one I make I plan to use the 647 body. It is larger than the other bodies that size that I have bought.

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Good to know, thanks!

I am almost finished with Landon and I have him on the bigger body too. He is an adorable chunky boy!

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The body BB recommends makes him too slender for his chunky features.I used the recommended body on 2 of them and wished I had ordered a larger body.

I love the looks of the Landon sculpt but I just can’t get into that left hand/arm position. It looks so mannequin like in pictures that it has kept me from ordering him. I do love big chunky babies though…


I used the recommended body and both of my Landons fit in 0-3 month clothes. I’m thinking of trying a bigger body next time to see what that looks like… I have a cute 3-6 month outfit that he would look so cute in.

I haven’t ordered Dominic due to that also

The hand position doesn’t bother me because I see the real Landon all the time and he holds his arm in that position while he is going to sleep. :grinning: And he looks like a little linebacker now!


I bet he is adorable now!

We would love to see what he looks like now if you care to share. Bet he is adorable!!!

AND…that little hand is sooooo fun to paint! :blush:

I ordered the body that Landon’s suppose to have but now I wish I would have ordered a bigger one. @jlesser did you like him on the Grant body or is it too big?? Do you all think the next size up in the Realborn bodies would fit him better??

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As far as I know 647 is the largest realborn body.

It is a 20 inch one but for a broader baby.

I like the pleated chest and butt bodies so that is why I used the Grant body. That and it was on sale at the time.

I think it looked fine on him. It did look better once dressed though.