Which pencil

which pencil turns orange …dark umber or raw umber?

Neither of the umbers turn orange for me.

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Prisma espresso is the one that turns orange.

I used dark umber last night and it did not turn orange at all.

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I thought expresso was one that did not turn orange so I bought it but it is a dark grey color and I don’t want or need grey eyebrows or hair!

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I used dark umber for the eyebrows on the two babies that I’m working on and the color stayed perfect even after baking.

For me the Chocolate started out…and stayed…more orange than I expected.

Espresso for most. I love dark umber. It’s one of my favorite colors. Chocolate doesn’t turn orange it’s a naturally orange color. You can substitute Sepia for Espresso.

Is sepia a pencil for drawings? It wasn’t with the other prisma pencils at the store. Also, is light umber ok and not orange?

Both umbers should be fine Nikki. Everybody warns people away from Espresso and Chocolate.

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Ok! Thank you… I have 3 different umber a. Light, raw and dark. So… Good! Yay!:heart:

Do you have cream? It’s good for blond highlights and fingernails. Pure white on the nail tips always seems to brash to me. I often add a few very fine cream hairs in my eyebrows. I seldom use cream on the hair though.

No, I do not! I always look at the store and never can find cream or sepia!

Light umber is very orangey like Chocolate! Don’t buy that one! My favs are Sepia, Dark Umber, Black, and Sienna Brown. I use this for most of my looks.

Sepia is absolutely hard to find. Most of the time when I purchase pencils there’s only 1 Sepia remaining

And I keep freakin losing it. I’ve lost it again!! I wanted to show you it. I bet my dog got it somehow.

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At my store there isn’t even a slot for it! That’s why I was wondering if it usually in a different section… Like sketching?

No I find it in the Prismacolor Pencil section. I have to purchase some things tomorrow from the Michaels if I see it. I will pick up two and send you one. I love that color lol oh it’s burnt ochre that is orangey not light umber got them confused!!

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Found my Sepia pencil!!! Yay. I’ll look for one for you tomorrow.

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Here’s all the brownish Prismacolor pencils. This is so you can get an idea of the colors. I will share in the tips areas too.