Which Outfit for Christmas Baby? Vote here!

Hey all! As I am on a mad dash to finish Ramsey for Christmas I am trying to decide on her outfit. She is a gift for my mom and my mom loves little knit baby things so I bought this outfit. It is a bit big on her which I’m not a fan of but it’s really pretty.

So then I bought this Rosebud Onesie and some matching pants

But now I am thinking it may be better to wrap her up in a Christmas outfit that fits better. I didn’t have time to find a knit outfit like the pink one this so I bought this set from Gymboree.

I also want to make a hat like this if I do this outfit (my mom loves these hats)

Or I also have this onesie but would need to find matching pants.

Plus if I do a christmas outfit I have these fun socks

She will get all the outfits here but I just need help picking which one to put on for when she opens the baby. So please please vote or comment what you think would be best! I can never make up my mind. Some days I think baby girl go with pink and others I think it’s a Christmas present go with Christmas!

  • Pink Knit One Piece
  • Rosebud Onesie and pants
  • Elf Set
  • First Christmas Onesie (and find some matching pants!)

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They are all cute but that elf set is adorable!


I love that onesie with the stocking, so precious! Heck…I’d give her ALL the outfits! :santa: :christmas_tree:


Haha I am! Going to wrap them all up to go with the doll :heart: : I just can’t pick the one to actually put on the doll :joy:

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If you are giving her all the outfits might as well start her out in a Christmas one for Christmas.


Very good point!

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Aw thank you!!

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Did you decide? @RebeccaKatie

Looks like I’m going with the Elf outfit! I’ll leave the poll up until I wrap her next week but so far it’s definetly in the lead :heart:

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