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Hello everyone I have one more question I paint have painted with folkart paint before and it look amazing on the babies but I was wondering some people just use the distilled water and the glass and Tile medium. And some people use the distilled water glass and tile medium and these two other products pictures shown below for the best quality baby should I get this other products too ? Thanks 

Ok thank you should I get golden or rebornFX

Also would reborn real effects paint work ? I want what will not fade

Both are great paints, Golden is more pigmented than RebornFX. I have begun with cheap acrylic too years ago. I haven’t see any fading tho, but painting experience it’s day and night with high grade paint and a good medium. And you use so little (especially with Golden)that it’s not a lot more expensive in the long run.

And yes you can use those mediums. RebornFX have their own medium two but you can use any medium, really.


Thank you so much for the help I have a few babies in my collection that I used acrylic paint and I don’t see any fading but I hope I don’t I used golden sealer with protection UV so do you think they will hold up ? And I will get reborn fx

Let me know what you think I hope they don’t fade I love them

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I have painted maybe 3, 4 years ago and they are still great but sticky. I used SoftTouch as varnish. But they are never in the sun and I don’t handle them. The blue is maybe showing more tho.

@Ava if you make them for yourself that’s great, just use the Golden polymer varnish with UV protection. If you’re planning to sell its may be a good idea to switch paint. I can’t guarantee that they will not fade, maybe I am just lucky or it’s because they are not in bright daylight.

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Ok thank you I appreciate it I think I am actually going to go with golden because I have used it before and I like it. Would I be able to use reborn FX sealer 1&2 on it instead of the golden uv varnish? Or does everything have to be golden brand and does golden fade I honestly just want the dolls to stay nice for as long as possible

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Yes you can use different brands together. Golden is a good brand and many speak well of reborn fx as well.

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Awesome thanks

Sincerely? I just think that overall, my paint and varnish where too thick.

I have stopped use the SoftTouch mostly because I didn’t like the texture and it’s more shinny than I want. And yes, a little bit sticky too, I did not have this problem with the ultramatt.

I hate the feeling of matting powder ! I don’t know GHS, so I can’t compare, but I like the little texture the ultramatt DecoArt gives. I think it’s really preferences !

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