Which is your favorite

Nice. Now I just need $85 more worth of stuff so I can get free shipping. :thinking:


You can start with the body. And then add some fat pellets because…I mean…what cuddle baby doesn’t need some extra squishiness? And just go ahead and order 5 lbs so you’ll have enough for the next one you make because you know you are gonna love it. Oh and you can add a jelly belly bag just to keep it all together perfectly. Might as well get a few (3) since you are getting the extra fat pellets anyway. And who doesn’t need more hair? Grab some Suri Alpaca and you’ll be right at $101.87. Boom! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I like this limbs set. Did you order it and that body below?

I like the Tushy and Tummy bags. I used the top part of stockings.

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Yes, I did order that body. I actually got the belly jelly and some suri alpaca too. The tummy and tushy bags were supposed to get ordered but somehow I missed adding them to my cart and so I guess I’ll have to make another $100 order soon. I did order other things that made my order over $100 though. :wink:

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That great! I’ll be looking forward to your post to see how it looks assembled, even if it’s temporarily. I have 2 heads that I want to turn into the cuddle babies.

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