Whew! I made it

…by the skin of my teeth. I got my prototype contest baby submitted with just 9 minutes left before the deadline. I was really stoked by how this baby turned out. I think she’s my most real looking one ever. I even thought I might have a chance at some sort of prize but my pictures just don’t reflect her realism so I don’t think so. I HAVE to somehow get a better camera. Anyway, it was fun.


Let’s see the pictures!!

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Eeekkk!! Can’t wait until you can share the pictures!! Congratulations for entering and best wishes for a win!!!


Good luck!

Good luck, Jean!

I don’t think she can share them till a winner is chosen. But I want to see to.


Congrats @jeanhai !!! I can’t wait to see!!!

I’ll post some pictures after the winners are chosen.


Yay! Which contest did you enter?

Bellami by Samantha Gregory.


Good for You! Can’t wait to see pics!

9 minutes, how stressful! We are all rooting for you!!! It is frustrating when you cannot get your photos to reflect just how beautiful or detailed your art looks in person!


Tell me about it! I have to find a better camera that doesn’t cost $500.


I am wishing you the best of luck!

Good luck! Glad you made the deadline. I was going to enter a contest on another forum and forgot all about it until too late.

Which forum

Prior to getting my bigger Sony, I used a Cybershot. They are relatively inexpensive($100) and I was happy with the pics it took. I used it the first couple of years of reborning.


YAH!!! BOL on winning <3

Good luck!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Wow, that’s slipping in under the wire! Best of luck with the contest. I hope you end up winning and becoming a prototype artist!!!

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