Where's this Member?

Hey guys… Anyone speak or know what’s going on with @avyona ?? I haven’t seen any of her work since her beautiful version of elodie… Just interested in what she’s been working on since then or if she made anymore babies


She’s around, she has a Facebook page, The Gilded Stork, she’s working on a beautiful Levi.


Wow, hope she lets us see him!

Me too

Oh thanks. imma try to find it or, Maybe she will see my tag and post a link

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Thanks @jlesser I found her page. She’s immensely talented once I get my nursery page started I will be sure to follow her

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Hi Im here!! Sorry ladies. I have had a crap ton of stuff going on. We moved out of our big house in September and decided to sell it and start renting for a while to get debt free. Then I got PREGNANT!!! YAY! Sadly though, we lost the baby in November :frowning: I had had my tubes tied then got the surgery to get them untied to grow our family more. I have not had one single positive pregnancy test in all this time. 4 and a half years!! Nothing. Then BAM! We just got pregnant. We were so happy and excited. I lost the baby at 6 weeks. I’ve been a hot mess dealing with my emotions about this. I’m working on a Ethnic levi and will be doing his photoshoot tomorrow or Wednesday. I am rooting eyelashes at this very moment and will share my pics soon!

If anyone is interested in seeing my painting and rooting and etc with Levi, I have shared my progress on Youtube :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. Glad you are doing well.

Levi looks amazing! Can’t wait to see Levi put together and the Layette.

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Hi… I was wondering what you been up to after your lovely version and lavish layette of elodie :slight_smile: your Levi is amazing love the hair your so talented… Im incredibly sorry to hear of your miscarriage I hope emotionally your holding up ok through all u seem to have going on. I hope your not discouraged from growing your family further don’t give up hope if that sweet baby was a miracle and your still hoping for one, you will have another #ibelieve

Its been hard with this miscarriage. Its my first. I feel so defeated waiting all this time, giving up hope, and then getting my dream, only to have it end. Ugh…I tear up just thinking about it again. But it also makes me SOOO HAPPY that I AM able to get pregnant and that my surgery was a success!

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Your not defeated… Don’t give up… Your body maybe was readjusting with you just having the procedure and all… Take some time and heal from this pain but just remain strong… All prayers to your family i hope u share the news u want here on this forum whenever the time is right.

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So sorry for what you have gone through. Glad to hear you are still making dolls.

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