Where's a good place to buy wigs?

I’m looking for quality wigs for my reborn Julia. She’s got a pretty big head. Anyone have any ideas what might look good on her?

I’m browsing dollsbysandie, but open to other suggestions!

I’m still painting her, but starting to think about hair and eye color. Here’s a picture for reference. She’s got a darker skin tone (going for biracial), so I’m thinking of dark hair.

Her sculpt is Julia by Jannie de Lange.


I really don’t want her to have painted hair, and I’m a newbie – still trying to learn how to root. The thought of rooting a head this big makes me want to faint! LOL. I also don’t want to pay an experienced artist to root her head since I’m not sure I can justify the cost being that I painted her and I’m a beginner.

Edit: forgot to say, here’s her dimensions. Should I measure her myself or rely on this manufacturing size? Says her head circumference is 18.3 inches. Yep, pretty big.

Julia Dimensions


Thank you very much, Karen! I was unaware of this website and found some really pretty eyes that I think I want to buy there for Julia! I’m still on the fence about the wigs… Her head is so massive and many of the doll wigs are for smaller heads.

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Glad to be of some help! Hope you find the perfect wig for Julia!

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