Where to get magnets for pacifiers in bulk?

Hi there everyone! I was wondering where to get magnets for pacifiers in bulk? The size on BB says the regular sized ones are 0.375 x 0.125. So far I’ve only been finding disk magnets that can be used on fridges when I have looked for them.

kjmagnetics.com is where I buy mine. They have all kinds of sizes, shapes and strengths.


I get mine on Ebay…

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Thanks for your help! I will check out eveyone’s links!

Thanks for reminding me that I needed to order some! :rofl:

Me too … I just have left like 4 or 5

I went ahead and ordered from them! Should be here next week!

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I got mine at home Depo. Small pack around $4, perfect size. But I think I’m gonna try Katy’s recommendation!

I get mine at magnet4less.com