Where to get eyes

Does anyone use acrylic eyes instead of polymer bb babies eyes and if so where can I get eyes

I’ve bought acrylic eyes from many sellers. They are very comparable to BB’s in quality…for me it’s about the perfect color. Sometimes I look for weeks until I find exactly what I want. (and then it’s way different in person and I start over :frowning: ) Do a google search for color and size ( 20mm blue eyes) and you will find sellers you never knew about.

For nicer acrylic eyes I prefer either Eyeco or BB eyes. If I am using a cheaper eye I use these: http://dollsupply.com/presta/index.php?id_product=67&controller=product

The colors that are nice are the Cobalt, Brown, and Light Lavendar.
I have also used the light gray and hazel in the smaller size eyes and they are okay but in the larger sizes they look less realistic. The green is very green and not so realistic for a reborn but worked well in a vintage baby I recently redid for someone.