Where is the Party at? R.O.S.E. International Doll Show ~

That’s right ladies! Here is your chance to win a FREE REBORN BABY or a long sold out limited edition Teddi kit by Marita Winters~~
Just click the link below that will take you to the R.O.S.E. International Doll Show website and follow the instructions there!
Have fun and GOOD LUCK to everyone!!
In the area that says log in with either facebook or your email. Click which one you would like to log in with. Once you do that it will bring up a drop down menu. the more categories you click on (the arrow buttons) the more entries you receive.

http://www.roseinternationaldollshow.co … ty-is.html
Links are working now sorry about that and directions have been posted

This sounds like alot of fun.

Good luck if you entered B-)