Where do you sell?

I’m curious to know if I’m missing something. I live in a small town, so there’s not much demand for reborns around here. Friends and family might hit me up, if they’ve wanted one for a while, and know I’m working on one, but usually, I have to branch out online and such. Am I missing any great sites ( or even half way decent ones), that our dolls seem to sell good on, or even at all…also, what do you do in your area? I know it’s not a home business by any means, but I also know, that certain reborners keep returning to certain artists to grow their collections…how to you build a “customer base”? There’s a place about 30 or 40 minutes from here. It’s a craft place, and you can rent booths there. I would LOOOOOOOVE to finally rent a place there, and make little bassinets for em, and bottles, pacis, etc…and sell there. After I get a couple of actual babies in my inventory, and I have an Eden kit to work on, and if Kenlee/Sugar finally don’t sell, that’ll make me two…so I might check into that soon, but I’d like your input on how to “grow” my customer base too. I LOVE reborning, but it’s hard to afford it, if I don’t sell the one I’ve got done first to invest in the next one, ya know

I sell mine on Ebay and doll forums,family and friends.

I’ve only sold 4 so far and that was on ebay. I didn’t sell them for much over what I had in them but they needed homes and I learned a lot making them.

I’ve sold 4 so far, but people found me via FB and one photo web site. So far, I haven’t sold a doll through Ebay or Etsy, but I gotta admit I didn’t try that hard - listed three - one on Ebay and two on Etsy. Gotta work on my posing and photo, maybe that will help my sales

i tarted off on ebay selling. then i created a page on facebook and advertsied it everywhere. i spent the last 6mths selling off facebook alone. i put some babies on ebay the other week and i got over 20 more facebook fans. and a lot of custom order interest, plus 3 custom orders!
I have 4 return customers, one from ebay and 3 from facebook!
I would suggust ebay first to get your name out there.

I also did 2 doll shows, april and may. and they helped heaps with growing my customer base. And suprised by how many people came to just see me from saying im going to be there on my facebook page!! LOL

I don’t think I would rent a booth in a craft boutique… because I think that you will have a lot of people handling the babies and very few that are looking to spend over $200.00 for one… Think you a going to spend rent and get no return… unless it is on bottles, pacifiers, bows, etc. that people will buy for dolls…