Where do you buy toddler boxes?

I can’t find any toddler size boxes that I don’t have to buy 10-25+. Where can I buy 1 to 3
26" x 13" x 9" or close to? This may be a moot point. USPS says shipping Happy Sage with box opening will cost $126! She may end up living with me forever.

Have you tried Walmart? Mine has a lot of different sizes.

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Also try pirateship.com for shipping. It saves me a lot of money.

Have you looked at Walmart? That’s where I buy mine from. I’m not sure of the measurements tho. Also try Home Depot.

Using your box size, at 20 pounds, from MN to FL is this:

You can print your shipping label from home when you use pirateship.com. Put the label on your box, and then either drop off at post office or a UPS location, depending on which company you are using. You can also purchase insurance and signature confirmation from them as well. It’s super easy! I believe you can also schedule a pick-up from your home as well if you want, but I haven’t tried that yet.

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Those are good prices. Who’s responsible if a package gets lost or damaged? Pirate Ship, UPS, or USPS? So I can get Pirate Ship prices and just take to the post office? I see UPS pickup is only $3.80. With gas prices so high here, that’s a deal for me. The nearest UPS is 40 minutes each way. Now I just need a box. Our Walmart doesn’t have many choices and most of them are too small.

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You are purchasing the insurance through USPS or UPS. Pirateship is kind of like a middle man. I believe you can add extra 3rd party insurance through Pirateship, but I never have. If you go on the website, they have a lot of FAQs as well. When you print your label, it looks no different than when you purchase right on usps.com. It’ll have a bar code they will scan with your tracking number.

Yes, I just print label, attach, bring to post office. They scan it and give me a receipt with tracking number. So easy! Now hopefully you can find a box!

I also use pirateship

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Walmart box with UPS $18 without box opening

I started using pirate ship a few months ago because some here had mentioned it. I love it. So easy and so much cheaper. I used to use usps lg flat rate but there boxes got smaller and you really had to stuff everything in. I’m noticing that UPS ground in the US is the best price and they are accurate with there Delivery expected day. 1 to 3 days. USPS said 1 to 3 days but the boxes were taking close to 5 to 6 days. With bigger dolls i get the small box from walmart, 15" x 12" x 10" and then i cut the box to 6" so its really measuring 15"x12"x6" , hard to explain :sweat_smile:

I’ve done that to make boxes smaller. My problem is getting boxes that are big enough. Happy Sage and Michelle are 23". Sandie and Kodi Bear are 25". Tibby’s 31". These are the big kids.

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