Where do you buy newborn crib shoes?

Why are newborn crib shoes (size 0) so hard to find? They all seem to come in 0-3 months, 0-6 months, 0-12 months. I’ve never known a baby that wore the same size shoe at those ages as they did when they were first born.


Those kinds of sizes confuse me too. As fast as babies grow, it makes no sense. Amazon is always my answer. Sometimes Walmart.

These are expensive to me. I was searching Amazon. I have a couple pair of O size shoes. One I lucked up at Burlington.
Check this out!

Link wouldn’t post.

Baby Deer has 0 size…

I use mostly booties from Kate Quinn, which come in NB/0+3/3+6/6+12 etc
Walmart has some NB
Amazon tends to sell 0-6 which are too big for most newborn size dolls tho

Dolls so real used to have them. That where I’ve always gotten them before. Amazon has the Jeffries booties with the pearls that I like also. I used to get 00s at Dillards and I think they still get them but they go fast. I love the Mini Angel baby lace socks from Amazon. They have triple lace and look so good.

Thanks, everyone. Now I have lots more options.

Wonder if buy buy baby has them too. They are definitely pricey. I got to go into a brick and mortar and loved it, but it’s definitely expensive.

It seems like even the newborn size from carters/Walmart seem to only fit dolls 3/6 months. Reborns sure have tiny feet! The only shoes that truly fit newborns that I’ve found are doll shoes from dolls by sandie, and even they can be a tad big

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Sometimes it’s also the way the fet are splayed or whatever.

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Dolls by Sandi

Dolls By Sandie has some cute, inexpensive ones. Thanks.