Where do y'all

Buy your glass eyes?? :grinning:

Gobabydollkits has beautiful oval glass eyes for like, half the price they usually go for!

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Izzy, can I use the oval eyes on any kit? Would I buy a different size? I need eyes for will❤️

I’ve heard that for oval you go a size up, and I’ve also heard that they might not work for every kit. Soooo…I’d ask someone more experienced than me cause I’m not for sure lol.

Lolol thank you Izzy!!! Who do you think would know so I can ask?

A great thing to do about eyes is to collect them in the common sizes like 22 and 24. I like to tack a set of eyes onto any other order I’m making. That way when it’s time to put a doll together, I have choices. You can also buy them on sale or when you see special deals on ebay etc.


Uh, I’m not sure lol. Hopefully the right person will see this thread. :wink:

Helen, I have a lot of eyes. But I want will to have special eyes!!! I just st haven’t bought oval or glass before so I don’t know if they fit the same. They are expensive so I can’t buy a bunch and try them on:-(

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The full round eyes have a tube at the back so they are harder to fit. I just bought a pair and they are beautiful. I think I bought them from Masterpiece eyes but I would have to double check that…

Have you tried the oval glass Helen?

Like the ones from BB? The flat backed glass ovals? If so yes.


Do you use a size up with them?

Sizing them up might help them stay in place better. You usually have to put polyfil behind them to keep them in tight to the socket, but they look pretty good. They don’t get that plastic-y glare that the poly eyes sometimes do.


Thank you Helen!!!:heart:

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I buy from various places, Eyeco, IartReborn, Ebay…I LOVE the eyes from IartReborn the best though!!!

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Is I art reborn Bobbi Perez? Are they in the us?

I bought a most of mine here at BB. It was great when the oval glass eyes were on sale.

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Dolls So Real…Dolls by Sandie or MacPheresons…I buy the German made Lauscha glass eyes and try to get them on sale if possible…

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@Nikkiroc, I just got on here to ask this same exact question!! I have been driving myself nuts all day today looking at all the glass eye suppliers and some look good and some not so much. A lot of them have a weird swirling thing going on in them, which is not realistic at all! I love the I art reborn ultra newborn just born blue eyes that have the blue tint on the whites too. Anyone know if you can order I art reborn eyes in the US? Also, it’s getting confusing bc some have regular irises and others have large or small! Same with the pupils. I’m looking for eyes for my Harlow kit and she has wide open eyes, so not sure if I need a smaller or bigger iris and or pupil…

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We are having the same issues!!! Let me know what you deciede! The ultra newborn eyes are my favorite also!