Where can you buy a full silcone body kit?

I really would love to do a full bodied (all in one piece) silicone baby kits, but nothing turns up online. Where can you find one at?

I don’t know but maybe you could check with some of the other doll forums and they could guide you. I do know they are very expensive., Have you ever painted silicone? They are special silicone paints and are also expensive not to mention it takes some learning. Maybe you should start out with one of those silicone beginners sets that include some paint and a face. I have seen those and often thought about it but decided to stick with my Genesis. Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I wrote all this and you may be already a silicone painter, if so, sorry!!

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This ones in Australia

I know that Joanna Gomes has them but they are currently sold out, as are the other artists who offer them. There are not a lot available, probably because they cost a lot, often over $1000 for a full body blank kit. I’ll keep looking though!


Babyclon has full body silicone kits. They’re really cute and pretty good prices.


This one will be out this summer
It’s limited to 10 kits.

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This baby is a LE FBS by LLE it will NOT be a blank kit. There will be a limited edition of this baby of 10.

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Sorry, my mistake! I can’t say I’m too versed in silicone. A bit too pricy for me.
I hope you find some that work for you:) I’m sure the ladies here will have some good sources:)

Good gracious, no apology needed, we all make mistakes and don’t forget we are family here!!!

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I have heard some really bad things about Babyclon. I seen where someone from there admitted to stealing other Artists sculpts without permission and are re molding them for their benefit, To me that is no different then buying a china stolen sculpt.


I think you need to be aware of what type of silicone a baby is poured in. Cheaper silicone is probably TIN silicone and they do NOT hold up well. I have read about the fingers falling off, arms breaking at the elbows etc. So be careful about cheaper advertised silicones. Do some research.


Yes, stay away from Babyclon for the reasons mentioned above.


Thank you for letting me know. I had know idea they stole other artists sculpts.

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